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DIY Industrial Purse Stand and Wallet Display

I was shopping for a purse stand the other daaayyy....

I found want I needed but it was going to cost twice as much to ship the items than I would pay for them. Plus, they weren't exactly what I wanted. So I decided to make my own. These are "industrial" in that they are made with galvanized pipe.

Materials used: 3/4" pipe (called nipples) in the following lengths: 18" (1), 2" (2), 2.5" (1); 1/2" pipe in 4" length (1); 3/4" elbow joint (1); 3/4" cap (3); 1/2" cap (1); 3/4" flange (1); 3/4" side outlet 90 degree PVC socket (1); 12"x6" scrap piece of wood; spray paint; 3/4" screws (4); and edging for the plywood. I bought all of the materials at Home Depot.

I have a huge scrap pile of wood and happened to have a piece of plywood already cut to the size I needed. I also had left over edging to cover the edges of the plywood for a nice clean look but you could leave this off if you want. If you don't gather wood like it's going out of style, you will need to cut a piece of wood to 6" by 12". Be careful - saws are sharp.

This is fairly quick and simple. The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry.

Purse Stand Directions: if needed, cut wood to size. Apply edging. Sand all surfaces. Spray paint. Spray paint the PVC socket. Let paint dry. Center and screw the flange 1.75" from one of the short edges. Screw in the 18" pipe. Screw on the 3/4" elbow to the top of the pipe. Screw in the 2.5" pipe into the elbow. Screw on one of the 3/4" caps. Done!

Wallet/Clutch Display Directions: spray paint the 3/4" side outlet 90 degree PVC socket. Let paint dry. Screw in the 1/2" by 4" pipe into the top. Screw on the 1/2" cap. Push in the 2" pipes into each side outlet. Note: they won't screw in so just push them in. If you want them to be permanent, then use a pipe sealant/glue/adhesive. Screw the 3/4" caps on to the ends. Done!

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